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The Winds of Change

Because this blog is still so new, I’m still trying to figure out the rules I want in terms of posts. How much information do I give without revealing too much? How do I express what I feel without betraying myself or anyone in my life? How cryptic can I be without pissing off myself or whatever readers I may have? Filters are not really my thing–uncomfortable honesty tends to be my chosen method.

But this is a pretty public blog, and I know some of my family and a couple of my friends read this. I don’t like worrying people, especially myself, and I don’t want to come off as particularly emo or angsty.

But I feel angsty, and humiliated, and very sad. How do I cope with something like that? How do I find the most adaptive coping technique and use it to fix what is wrong in my life?

In the past, I’ve done one of three things: ignore the situation, get very angry and shout, or sulk about it. Actually, I suppose you could tack on running away, too, but since I have never really had anywhere to run, I’m not sure it counts. I’m not even sure it counts now. Obviously, my coping mechanisms have not really worked out, which means I need new ones.

I suppose what I can write about in this blog is the end result, without having to describe my situation and why it’s affecting me in such a negative way. In this case, it’s mostly a notification for anybody who’s out there listening: I’ll be going away on the 5th of January for a little while, where I probably won’t have any Internet access and doubt I’ll be able to check my email or update this blog.

The main purpose of this is to gather myself in and center myself, before tackling what appears to be three humongous projects from January until May. I need to be by myself, become just myself, for awhile, before trying to do this. I feel like I have no strength left, and everything is falling apart. For the last two months, I’ve felt like the closer I get to achieving my goal of higher education, and figuring out how to drop all of my extra weight, the more I have faith in myself. But the ground underneath me has begun to erupt and I have no idea how to stop it.

My fear is starting to overwhelm me, and it’s not a good thing. If I’m too scared then I can’t and/or won’t move the way I need to. I won’t get what I need to done, and everything will fall apart even more.

But there’s something to be said for having the ground fall out from under you. For one thing, it forces you to look at the new terrain and make the crucial decisions that you wouldn’t have otherwise. These new situations are forcing me to look at what I can and cannot live with. What I can’t live without. I think I would not have known otherwise, because I’m so used to the daily bullshit. Now it’s pruning season, and all of the dead branches must be clipped to make way for the new, healthy ones.

Even the idea of going away somewhere to be myself for awhile has me thinking about what I’d like to change about myself. I feel almost meditative and calm when I think about how much I feel this will help me. Even if I don’t accomplish my mission while I’m gone, I feel like I’ll have attained a state of being that will allow me to feel more comfortable with myself. If I can just center and focus on me, then maybe I can come back and work through my issues with more ease, knowing what’s important and what isn’t.

To be honest, I’m mostly just shooting for being more comfortable with myself. Though the effects of such a thing would and should be good for me, it’s not about any one thing except me. In some part of my mind I find that just a tiny bit selfish. I’m ignoring that part of me, because I really feel I need this. I feel that the situation will benefit from this.

I just hope that once I figure myself out and am okay with it, everything else will fall into place. I have no expectations about that, but I have hope for myself, and I have faith that something will click, because I will start to click.

I can and will find the way, even if it means completely, drastically changing my life as I know it.

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Christmas, Juicing and “Unclean Spirits” by M.L.N. Hanover

I hope everyone received decent presents. I, for one, got some okay ones. Like a juicer/bottle opener/can opener/whatever the hell I want kitchen-gadget-thing. I just spent the last hour or so juicing the box of oranges Technivore brought home. I need another strainer to get rid of the rest of the pulp, but this experiment turned out very well. We’re looking forward to having orange juice tomorrow morning.

The potato soup was also a big hit. We added cheese and it seemed to give it a little something, thickened it or something. Technivore said it began to have the consistency of stew at that point. But the best part was that it was healthy all around, only 220 calories (not including the cheddar cheese though). We also made ham and I bought some rolls with it. When I dipped the bread into the soup, it was great.

All in all, my culinary experiments this month have turned out very well. I’m even starting to believe that I might actually enjoy cooking once school is over.

We’ve also picked up some new books (that aren’t textbooks! :D), so this will be my very first review as the Librivore.

Unclean Spirits: M.L.N. Hanover

I’m never one to put the author side by side with his/her work, but a quick search on Google suggested that M.L.N. Hanover is actually a pseudonym for another author. I found that interesting, and I’m trying to decide if I want to pick up the other books.

The introduction begins with Eric Heller, and ends with one hell of a hook to keep the reader going. When we meet up with Jayné, his niece, she’s going through growing pains and somewhat adolescent problems.


I’m sorry, the smell of the brownies I just finished baking are calling to me. BRB.

Okay, back. Sorry.

Anyway, I don’t normally like urban fantasy novels. Urban settings have always made me claustrophobic and pessimistic about the human race. This one, however, stuck with me, gripped my throat until I finished the last page. It was simple, and in some places pretty predictable (I totally called it when you get to the big revelation from Kim), but to be honest, this is one that sucked me into a world I hadn’t experienced before. That tends to be something I appreciate, and is irresistible to me until I understand the rules of the world I’m reading about. The mix of characters is also intriguing. I don’t recall coming across Ex as a personality type before unless you count it as part of another personality type, and Chogyi Jake is fascinating because he is so centered–not like a usual character. I’m pretty neutral on Aubrey, though I admit, I had the same reaction Jayné had when she found out more about him. Jayné is, well, a 23-year-old chick who is trying to cope with her new world. I reserve judgment on her for now. She may prove to be a stronger, more likable character later on.

The most intriguing thing about this book is that it’s so obviously part of a series. “Book One of the Black Sun’s Daughter” is a big hint, not to mention the cliffhanger sentence at the end of the novel. Even Jayné’s dreams and the things she doesn’t quite understand yet point to a continuation of the story. There are enough thought-provoking suggestions that I’m eagerly waiting for the next part.

On to family matters. We were unable to have Technivore’s family over due to the white shit falling out of the sky, of course. I did try to put that aside and have fun with my family on Christmas Eve. Mom made nachos as promised, and pigs-in-blankets (which, oddly enough, were the hot, popular item this Christmas–they were pretty much gone by the evening), cookies, and cheese and crackers. We ended up going with Bubbles and PinkPanther to look at a one-bedroom apartment she’s thinking about renting. It was actually a nice little place, perfect for her until she can move up in the world. It even had a dishwasher, something I didn’t have in my first place, or my second, for that matter. I don’t like that part of town, but when I moved out the part of town I lived in was probably a little bit worse, so I suppose I can’t judge too much there. She’ll be a lot happier living apart from the family and having her own place to deal with. Hopefully it’ll turn out okay.

After apartment-viewing we decided to watch movies (although no one wanted to watch Christmas movies with me–it’s tradition!) while Captain Woot was at McWork. When he came home, he had exactly ten minutes to change and eat something before we all forced him into the living room so we could open presents. I had pulled Dad’s name out of the hat for Secret Santa, and had gotten him a baseball of Wrigley Field on opening day for his altar to the Chicago Cubs. I think he really liked it. He ended up getting my name too (obviously, we need to do this better, since it seemed almost everyone had paired up that way at first), so I got my new juicer-gadget-thingy-that-does-a-million-things. I apparently have been letting my parents believe that I’m becoming more cultured about my food or something, because I also ended up with a 5-piece cheese thing, with a wooden board and four different knives that apparently are for cutting and serving different kinds of cheese. I assume this is for when I actually drink the wine I brought back from Italy.

It might have been a great time, and nothing would have gone wrong had it not been for Dad and his idea of humor.

A little backstory: I have four sets of grandparents, because they all divorced each other and then remarried. The only ones I actually like are Mom’s mother and stepfather (I don’t think of him that way, he’s just my grandfather). Dad’s father and his wife live on the other side of the country and I never speak to them–too many years apart and not enough motivation on my part to care. Dad’s mother was remarried to a wonderfully sweet man who passed away a few years ago, a man I still miss sometimes. My grandmother, however….well, if she ever reads this, I can only hope that even as I say the truth, I still love her because she’s my grandmother: she’s completely nutters. The woman does love me, and I love her, but I don’t have any respect for her, and the last straw was when she told me that it was better that I miscarried. (She’s the only one who spoke of my miscarriage that way and I haven’t hit, and that was mostly because she was saying it to me over the phone.) Since then, I’ve avoided talking to her, and I have no plans to speak to her again unless I absolutely have to. People tell me that I won’t feel that way forever, and I may even come to regret not having a better relationship with her. Please note my skepticism and indulgence for these people.

Mom’s biological father and his wife (I think of her as grandmother too) are nice enough people, but I hate the way he treats his wife; I hate the way she rolls over and takes it. They are also Christian, and while I try not to hold that against them, I still remember the summer I spent with them, and it was extremely uncomfortable for me. For one thing, it felt like he (and sometimes she) was trying to recruit or convert me or something, even though I had told them that my parents didn’t force me to go to church and let me make my own decisions about such things. They also come off as both boring and intense. It’s not something I particularly like to subject myself to. I should also mention Dad’s grandfather, my grandfather’s father, who lives in Texas and still talks to Dad every so often, apparently. I have no memory of him, and I don’t talk to him simply because I don’t speak the best Spanish and I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.

So now you know where I stand on my grandparents. It’s also understandable why I would react negatively to Dad’s “joke” about having a conference call between Mom’s mother, Dad’s mother, and the grandfather in Texas. My first reaction was to refuse profusely, then I thought about it and wondered why the hell any of them would allow the other to be on the other end of the phone. Dad’s mother actively hates Mom’s mother–what’s the deal? That was the first clue that Dad was off his rocker.

The second was when both of my parents started to chuckle at my reaction, then at Bubbles agreeing with me. Mom then gave us the big news: it was a joke. Let me tell you, I did not enjoy it one bit. I was angry the rest of the night, and very sad that my family was constantly going through crap like this. Such a thing was not a joke, and the fact that my parents, especially Dad, didn’t know that was proof positive of how much they don’t know their own children anymore. Hopefully our reaction will keep the relatives off our backs–for awhile, at least.

Technivore and I had a nice Christmas day after that, even though my poor husband had to listen to random rants about Dad every now and then. I was miffed that his present didn’t come on time (stupid snow and UPS), but we ended up watching movies all day and finished DS9 Season 3. We both got gift cards, which we agreed would be spent on the next two seasons we need. Hopefully the fourth season will arrive by next weekend.

How was your Christmas/holiday? I’d really like to know, those of you who actually read this. Comments, please! Emails are just as good! A phone call, for pity’s sake!

….Smoke signals?

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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve. Whatcha doin’?

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanzaa, whatever.

I fully intend on going over to my parents’ house where there will be nachos and cookies to pig out on. I’ll rip open my present and try to figure out who gave it to me. I’ll have a million laughs with my siblings and roll my eyes at my father who has a tendency to get out the camera for no reason at all. I’ll play with the dogs and pet the cats and make fun of people with my mother. I’ll sit next to my husband and maybe hold his hand and remember why I love him so much.

I don’t care about religions, and I sure as hell don’t care about worhip. I don’t care how “commercialized” Christmas has supposedly come, and I don’t care that the economy is trying to kill itself. None of these things matter when my family makes time for each other, when truces are made and we all try not to fight.  This is the best time of year when it comes to family, and I try to make the most of it.

It’s almost as if the world slows down just enough to hear each other speak. It’s like we remember we’re all part of the same design here, and it’s the only time of year we achieve anything remotely resembling world peace. If Jesus’ birth can do that to us, then so be it.

Even if it was based on a pagan holiday in the first place.

Anyway, I’m going to go spend time with my family. Happy Holidays!

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Half of Christmas Blows This Year

And let me tell you, I am mighty ticked about it too. Technivore’s side of the family was supposed to spend Christmas day with us.

First off, it’s the snow’s fault. It’s always the snow’s fault. I don’t see why God couldn’t have the decency to let Jesus be born in a nice, summery month where the weather is nice. Obviously, God and Jesus have issues to work on. Like being nice to the species known as mankind, which they claim to love. Whatever.

Second off, I called this already this weekend, and went unacknowledged.  But noooo, Technivore figures it’ll be just fine, the weather will clear up, only a little snow. Ha! I fucking told you all so. The snow will always get the better of you.

At the moment I suppose I’m just grateful that I didn’t buy the groceries yet. Somehow I was talked into attempting ham and some sort of veggie thingy. Now I get to buy stuff for us, which will include stuff to try to make a homemade potato soup. It’ll be the first time I’ve attempted this, but my cookbook says it’s pretty easy. Boil the potatoes, cut ’em up, don’t forget to add the chicken broth stuff, add the other stuff, and let it sit for a few minutes on a burner. I’m even trying to decide if I want to add bacon and cheese to it. Because, of course, I must always find the way to add more calories on.

Christmas with my side of the family this year, on the other hand, seems to be going according to plan. This year we will spend time together (sometimes it feels more like chained to each other by bonds of blood that we can never cut) on Christmas Eve, since Dad . . .

OMG, I just figured out that I have no code names for my parents! Well, actually, I knew this when I started the post about the code names, but had forgotten.

So, code names for the parents. Well, my father is a Chicago Cubs worshiper who actually has an altar dedicated to the baseball team. He also has been working on his obsession with all things Air Force, and apparently has been working on his social life. My mother is kinda crafty and tends to get bored fairly easily. I inherited many things from her, including the hatred for the snow and my inability to allow good chocolate to leave my sight. She also has a hatred for commercials. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to come up with code names for them, and I have the tendency to just call them Mom and Dad anyway. Therefore, their code names shall be Mom and Dad. Brilliant, huh?

So we will be spending Christmas Eve together since Dad has to work on Christmas night. I begged and whined asked politely and with dignity for Mom’s nachos, so we’ll be eating traditionally this year. We also decided to do a Secret Santa this year, which was supposed to help us a little money-wise. I’ve heard rumors that Mom and Dad are still going to at least do the stockings this year. These stockings are huge, at least two feet long, and every year they fill it with candy and little knickknacks, with one orange in the very bottom. I suppose I should be more upset about this, but how exactly do you say no to free chocolate? Actually, how do I say no to free chocolate, is the more accurate question. At least Christmas should be kind of fun this year.

Bubbles and Captain Woot came over yesterday, and we spent half of the time before Bubbles went to work looking for a cat that didn’t need finding. LittleShit had decided to not respond to my calls (sometimes she will)–she didn’t even come when I opened the balcony door. The two balconies tend to be a source of fascination for my two kitties, but there’s no way she could have missed opening the door. We even went outside–INTO THE SNOW, MIND YOU–looking for her. I called the apartment manager’s office and had them worried about her too. She somehow ended up trapped in my office/study, even though we left the door open a million times and checked all the hiding spots in there two million times. It, of course, took Technivore all of three minutes to find her after he came home from work. He refuses to feel guilty about resolving this issue in such little time.

After Bubbles left for work, I strongarmed Captain Woot into watching the last two episodes of Season 3 with us. The plan was to watch them, drop him off at home, and then go to Bruchi’s, which is a favored sandwich place because of yummy steak-n-cheese sandwiches. Of course the place is closed, I should have seen that coming, right? This results in about a 20 minute ride around trying to figure out what to eat, only to find that Technivore just wants to go home and eat the rest of the baked chicken we got on Sunday. The only solace I find here is the fact that I got McDonald’s fries out of this.

Now, on to today, which consists of gossip about my upstairs neighbors, because I have no job and no homework, which means my options for being entertaining and interesting are limited. My upstairs neighbors have decided that it is not enough to shout and get new puppies to run around right above our heads at about 3:30 in the morning. They have decided to add to their repertoire the skill of throwing around knickknacks and breaking glassware so that my cats get so scared that they come crying at the bedroom door. I was about to call the apartment manager when they stopped, and have apparently left for an unknown destination, I assume for the holiday since they took enough crap with them to feed and clothe a small but active kindergarten class. I am very close to calling the apartment manager (I’m sure they’re sick of me at this point, but I don’t care) and talking to them about kicking their asses out. This is only the latest incident where my cats have been scared by what goes on up there, and I will not tolerate it again.

Anyway, off to do the grocery shopping for Christmas day. Technivore said that he gets this image of me with a blow dryer and a long extension cord, cackling madly as I battle the Evil Snow. This is not far from the truth, especially if it snows much more. In fact, I may have to go buy a bigger blow dryer just so I can get some real enjoyment out of it.

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Obsess, Obsess, Obsess

Obsession #1: This blog.

I have been crazed to get everything just right when it comes to this blog. I spent two hours on Saturday online with Captain Woot trying to figure out the best layout for this thing. Then I spent another hour or so working on my “100 Random Things” page (which, by the way, you should check out) because it’s pretty damn hard to think of 100 random things about myself. I eventually became desperate and asked Technivore and PinkPanther to help me–hence, the random thing about boobs.

At least it’s starting to look the way I want it to. And the best part is, my drive to post as often as possible seems to be holding. In fact, this post would have been up on Saturday or Sunday if it weren’t for….

Obsession #2: Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Season 3

This is a pic of DS9 Season 3 cover.

Technivore and I had started watching DS9 awhile ago, and had to stop because a) we ran out of money and b) homework is a soul-sucker. When Technivore won $50 at his company’s Christmas party, we decided to spend it on a new season. A Christmas present to ourselves. We plowed right on through this weekend, and now we only have two episodes left. I hope he remembered to order the next season so we’ll have something to do next weekend. And I mean NEXT weekend too, even if we have to pay extra for shipping. I suppose I can settle for….

Obsession #3: Myst

mystA few months ago, I started to want a new hobby–or at least just something I haven’t tried to do before. I racked my brain and actually came close to tears for fear of being completely boring before I realized it wouldn’t kill me just to pick something random. Well, in all honesty, computer games aren’t completely random; my first thought was to steal one of Technivore’s games and play it. Then I realized that we have different interests–which is a mild way of saying I would hate his games within the space of 15 minutes of trying to play them. I vaguely recalled playing Myst when it first came out, but since I was something like 12 years old I obviously didn’t get it. But what the heck, I’m trying something new (sort of), right?

So we went to Best Buy (after hurriedly searching for it and not getting system requirements), and picked up the 10th Anniversary DVD Edition, which includes the original Myst, Riven, and Exile. For $20, no less, which in my opinion is a damn good price for what basically amounts to three computer games. I’ve started playing Myst, and I am completely caught up. It’s not necessarily a story, which is what I wanted at first, but this is completely fascinating and it’s kind of fun to find all the clues I need. The only frustrating part is not knowing what the hell I’m doing–I have yet to receive a decent goal, beyond “Find Catherine’s letter from Atrus.” At least I’ve found a new hobby.

Obsession #4: Humanities Club Party on Friday night

This isn’t an obsession, per se. It’s more like, I’m obsessing about it in my head. I was mortally afraid no one would show up, and I’m really glad some people did. Some even followed us back to the apartment to hang out for a little while, and two gave me Christmas gifts. Which makes me feel bad, because I didn’t get them anything and can’t at this particular moment anyway since the next time I’ll probably end up seeing them is when the next semester starts. All in all, though, it was a great party and I had a lot of fun.

That being said, it made me wonder just what I’m trying to accomplish with this club. I wanted to get into a club to make friends and get out of the house more, but I’ve come to realize that I like my solitude and staying at home. Does that mean I can’t have friends? No, but obviously I don’t have any overwhelming motivation to go out anymore. It’s really great that I’m starting to form bonds with some people, and I sure hope they stick around. But I’m okay with my reclusive tendencies. At least for right now, when school is almost done anyway.

Anyway, I’m mostly just enjoying the fact that I have no homework. I’m looking forward to having a good Christmas, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. I just want to spend some time with my family and ignore school until I absolutely have to pay attention to it.

Here is a picture of some cookies:


These cookies are the devil. In calorie form. You can call them Obsession #5.

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Dramatis Personae

This is probably going to end up being a really long post, so bear with me.

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to lay the foundations of my new blog. The name alone took a couple of agonizing hours, with quick IMs to various people who couldn’t care less about my new obsession.

Speaking of which, let’s get started on that. I’ve decided to use “code names” for the people who are in my life. Not because I’m worried about their safety, but because it’s a lot more fun that way. And also because  I played around with the idea of also putting their own colors on their code names, but I’m too lazy for that.

Okay, so, the first person up is my husband, who is the main person in my life. He’s an IT guy who works about 30 minutes away from where we actually live, but the job is good and really, I married him for his insurance anyway. He’s also a complete geek, and a gamer, which means I’ve had to figure out how to be a good gamer wife. His sense of humor runs along the lines of freaking-hilarious-at-times-but-ridiculously-stupid-at-others (he picked up that last part from his father, I think, who loves really, really bad jokes). I played with several names for this man, which include HotdogHubby, because of his obsession with hot dogs. I have hated hot dogs since 2006, when we first met, and hot dogs from Costco was pretty much all he had in his freezer. The man would eat them 24/7 if I let him. He also is tall and skinny, much like a hot dog. Eventually, because of my insistence on some form of dignity (he is, after all, married to me), we have settled on Technivore. Same last name, even: Librivore and Technivore. Such little things make me happy.

Next person is my sister. She’s three years younger than me, graduated high school and received her AA degree this past summer, and is generally the biggest female presence (other than myself, obviously) in my life. She works at a retail store she hates, though she’s trying to find a better job (full-time, for starters). She can be very upbeat and happy-go-lucky one minute, then suddenly transform into a real bitch the next. Based on this trait of hers, I’ve been playing with the idea of giving her two names, one for each of her alter egos–kind of like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theme. Therefore, my sister is now codenamed Bubbles, for her bubbly personality when she’s feeling nice, and Miss Bitchy for when I blink and she’s suddenly not very bubbly at all.

For the record, Bubbles also happens to be an old childhood name given to her when she was younger. If she so much as thinks about posting my old childhood name on here, I will curse her into oblivion and rename her Daddy’s Little Girl (she’ll hate that).

Because Bubbles has a boyfriend, I should probably give him a code name as well. He’s pretty laid back, and is devoted to Bubbles (which is the number one reason for him getting this honored place in my blog). He plays World of Warcraft endlessly, and frequently tells us all what’s going on in that world, as if we knew or cared. He also has a fairly decent sense of humor, so maybe he’ll see it in his new name, should he happen to read this: PinkPanther. Pink because that’s the color I tend to think of when I think of Bubbles (used to be her absolute favorite color), and panther because….well, actually, Technivore came up with this code name, so ask him.

My brother is another important person in my life, but he’s also one of the toughest to name. He’s one of those guys that you love to be friends with, and then girls end up finding themselves half in love with him. He’s four years younger than me, but he’s 6 foot 4 and his build is that of a football player. (Because of this, I tend to use him as a packhorse, if Technivore isn’t around.) Even though you might be slightly intimidated by the size of him, he’s generally a nice guy, and he looks something like a teddy bear–which is why I contemplated using LittleBear as his name. He works at McDonald’s right now, and even got promoted even though they treat him like shit, but that’s not where he wants to be, which is why I eventually vetoed all names relating to this temporary occupation: Wouldyoulikefrieswiththat?, Ronald, and McBrother are all now in the trash. (For which he can thank me later by helping me move the couch again.) None of these really captured his personality, or his sense of humor, which is famous for its dryness and wryness. Thus, I have code named my brother as Captain Woot. He is known for using the term “woot,” and since he apparently plans to go into the military to pay for college, I guess I’ll give him his first promotion.

Technivore and I have two cats, whose code names came very easily: Whiny and LittleShit. Whiny is an all-white cat who has one blue eye and one green eye, and we think is about 2-3 years old. She talks incessantly, often for no apparent reason, hence the name, and seems to have an obsession for any sort of moving water. She likes to cuddle (and will demand your attention for it even if you are otherwise engaged), but will go off somewhere else when she gets tired of it and go sleep in one of five favored places–which tend to be on top of my clothes. LittleShit was at first a very playful kitten who was very acrobatic and didn’t really like a whole lot of cuddles. In the year or so since we’ve had her, she’s grown into a rather needy cat who still likes to play but doesn’t jump as high as she used to. She also seems to have taken on extra weight, which tends to be a family trait anyway. LittleShit is also what we call her when she’s doing something we don’t particularly like–like shredding toilet paper and Kleenex, or getting in the way when we’re sitting at our computers. When we first got them in September 2007, we had specific ideas in mind: we wanted two cats who would get along together. One would be cuddly and mine, because I like cuddling more than playing, and another who would be more playful since Technivore loves to play. Whiny was to be the cuddly one, since we were told that’s what she tends to do, and we could already see LittleShit as a playful one in her cage. When we brought them home, they stayed that way for awhile, but suddenly they switched us humans: Whiny has become Technivore’s cat and likes to play a little more than she did, and LittleShit demands cuddles before I’ve had breakfast and when I get home from school. Even though they drive me crazy most of the time, they’ve become part of our family and unfortunately, all of my attempts to be rid of them have proven to be for naught.

I think that’s enough code names for now. I’ll have other “naming ceremonies” when the other people in my life make appearances.

One reason I really wanted to start this blog (other than to have another place to put all of my blathering) is because when Technivore gave me my new name, Librivore, I realized that I should be using my love of books and writing as a centerpoint. I don’t want to just give reviews of books I’ve read, but also, hopefully, network with other bookworms out there. My writing is also very important to me, and this is an easy way to try and make myself write every day and keep my skills fresh (perhaps develop new ones?). I also kind of wanted to see how my life might look if I wrote it like a story–another reason for the code names,  so I can give my “characters” that fictional polish.

Okay, on to more pressing matters.

Tonight is the first time my fellow Humanities Club members will be spending time together in an effort to create more bonding between us. I figured as President, I should probably kickoff the first attempt at making us a whole. Keeping it simple, just a movie and food, but I’m hoping for a discussion afterwards. At the very least, we’ll probably have fun, which can never be discounted. I even had people coming up to me yesterday asking what time it was, even though they weren’t members of the club. Like I’m really going to say no to them. So now I have to call in a pizza delivery, bake some brownies (that’s always my urge whenever I know someone’s coming: bake brownies), dig out the Christmas tablecloth that I know is buried deep within the pit I laughingly call my closet, and put myself together. Of course, that process always takes at least an hour, because the showering and trying not to trip in soap and water, the finding of suitable clothing, the getting side-tracked because I just found the book I’ve been looking for in the heap of clothes that is ever present on my side of the marriage bed, the inevitable tripping over one of the two cats on my way to check the dryer for a better shirt, the noticing of orange on my start menu when someone is attempting to contact me, the going over to see what they want and find myself sucked into the Internet for a good 15 minutes before I go back to the finding of suitable clothing, the slathering on of a prettier face by use of make-up, the calling of Bubbles frantically to see if she has better clothing, the checking on brownies because I’ve just remembered I did indeed put them in the oven, and finally, finally, running around trying to find the to-do list that I swear to God I put down right there and have now lost to the black hole that gleefully sucks all of my lists in and only regurgitates them long after I need them.

Anyway, seeing as how the party starts at 7:00pm, and I’ve only just now looked at the clock to realize it is now 3:30pm, I should probably get this process started.

Posted by: librivore | December 19, 2008

Hello, World!

I’ve just been “born” here on only moments ago. I like the look and feel of this place much better than any other blogging site I’ve been a part of. I hope to make this a permenant arrangement.

For now, however, after the birthing process, my mind is tired and I need to hit the sack. I will update tomorrow. A promise to myself.

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