Posted by: librivore | January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bubbles

Today is my darling sister’s 19th birthday.


With just about everything going wrong in my life right now, I’ve never been more grateful to have her in my life. She’s been there with me, let me cry all over her, let me sleep in her bed, even watch dumb movies with me when I’m feeling bored and/or really low.

That being said, let the teasing begin! 😀


In honor of her birthday, I will choose only one funny story about my lovable sister (and hope to God she doesn’t read my blog, because I’ll probably get tackled at her floor hockey party tomorrow).

The Infamous “Talking Box” Story


Everyone in the family has heard this story, but it never hurts to tell it again. Ah, good times.

Bubbles and I used to share a bedroom. What sisters haven’t, right? But we’re not exactly known for our tidy nature; in fact, had you been anywhere near our place in that era of our lives, you probably would have asked a health inspector to come and declare it ground zero. Not that it particularly bothered us, mind you–it was, after all, our stuff.

One day, I had a terrible headache, so I turned off the light and had crawled into bed to ignore the world. When Bubbles came in, she didn’t turn the light back on. As I heard her enter the room, I raised my head and in lieu of telling her about my poor head, I said “Ow.”

Comfortable in our own mess, she didn’t really pay attention to where she was stepping, so she crushed the Kleenex box sitting in between our beds. Looking down at the box, then looking up at me, then looking back down at the box, she asked it: “What?!”

She, in her infinite blonde wisdom, thought that the box was talking.

I’ll pause while you laugh your ass off.

Bubbles, before you roll your eyes or contemplate my sudden, bloody demise, please note the very pretty picture someone took of us at my wedding:


Look how happy we are, how nice you’re being to me.

How nice I’ve been to you since then. 😀

Anyway, here’s a cake. It made me think of your freakishly weird quirky personality.



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