Posted by: librivore | January 21, 2009

Kudos to President Obama


I’d almost forgotten about the inauguration until Captain Woot reminded me that it was today. I woke up this morning feeling both worried and proud. Worried because Bush might make an attempt to stay, or perhaps this is when some terrorists might attack. Proud because America has finally proven that we can change, at least a little.

I was unhappy when I found out that the inauguration would be at noon, EST, which is 9:00 am for me and I’m in class right then. I wanted to at least watch him get sworn into office. Luckily–this completely took me by surprise–the ceremony did not take long at all. They even got right to point by introducing the Chief Justice and then getting Obama’s butt up there to take his oath. (I found it really sweet that Michelle Obama was standing right next to him, and it was obvious that she loved him very much and was so proud of him.) I was able to watch him take the oath and even got to class on time. My school even had a TV set up near the student lounge just for this occasion.

Though his speech wasn’t anything he hadn’t said before, it still touched me. I especially liked his references to our ancestors and how they worked for us, and the references toward future generations. I know that many cynics will say that this is crap every President has said since the beginning, but for whatever reason, Obama gives me hope that we will start on a positive path. We can and should pave the way, together, for our children and grandchildren.

So, good-bye Senator Obama, hello Mr. President. I hope that you will keep your promises for a better nation, even if it’s under a God we don’t share. You’ve inspired me to become more involved in my country’s issues, feel more patriotic, and stop being so pessimistic about the fate of humanity. We disagree on many issues, but even though I don’t know you personally, I still trust you to listen to me when I say I don’t agree with you. I hope that you remember what you said in your speech: “What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them— that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.” You’re right, Mr. President, they no longer apply, because we are not the same America anymore. The same definitions no longer apply, the same rules no longer apply, the same expectations no longer apply. If you will lead us in the right direction–for the greater good of humanity–then I will promise to follow.


God, Allah, Vishnu, Goddess, whatever: Please bless the United States of America, and help our new President lead us into a world of change.


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