Posted by: librivore | January 17, 2009

Must Have More DS9!

Have finished DS9, season 5. Am ordering next season regardless of the fact that I could use the money for something else, like a dresser for when I move out. Have reasoned to myself that since I put clothes on the floor anyway, might as well use that habit to my advantage and just wait until there’s more money to get me a dresser. Be happy now with more DS9.

This was probably the best season ever, although my favorite episode was the one where Jake Sisko loses his father in an accident, but it turns out that the accident just messed with the timeline again, which is in season 4. Jake grows to be an old man, and figures out how to save his father, which returns Ben back to the accident in time to save himself. My relationship with Jake is complicated. For one thing, it feels like I’ve watched him grow up since he was 13, so I feel somewhat protective of him and really hate the fact that he can’t be protected anymore.

Then there’s the fact that he’s now 18, and he is a damn good-looking guy:


Come on. Tell me he’s not fine. I’ll blast you as a liar. And you can see my predicament here, right? I feel somewhat maternal towards him, and yet I’m attracted to him. Talk about dilemmas.

Anyway, Worf FINALLY makes an appearance, and so far his performance has been stellar. Of course, that might also be subjective, since I think Worf is also very fine.


You don’t even get a chance to tell me he isn’t great-looking.

That being said, it of course makes me rather jealous that he’s doing Jadzia. What’s worse is that the bitch is smokin’ hot.


Even her spots add to her hotness. *hates her with a passion*

I’m not ashamed to admit, I tried to figure out a way to photoshop my face onto this body. My limited technical skills and my frustration admitted defeat. Therefore, I will simply have to put her on the List of Women I’ll Sleep With.

Actually, I did that yesterday when PinkPanther and Bubbles dragged me and Captain Woot out to Costco for hot dogs. For whatever reason, we ended up in a conversation about what women would be on my list and Bubbles’ list. Scarlett Johansen tops mine right now; Julia Roberts for hers. I’m curious, however, if there is a limit on how many people can be on this list.

I must satisfy this thirst for more DS9. Must order more. MORE, I say, MORE!


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